Friday, April 5, 2013

here comes a blog post overload

yo! I be getting caught up on my life ya heard? I will be updating in chunks so it's not all one giant blog post. So first things first we finally got some furniture in our apartment! QUE?? Yeah since joey moved here last august the extend of furnishings was an air mattress, a desk, and a fish tank with a stand. I moved here in January and slowly we have been "homemaking" buying real dishes. Since I moved in we have made some serious progress in our "fresh start" post getting rid of everything we own. We went to ikea and had a typical couple experience of shopping at the nordic disneyland of home furnishings.

good thing it said not actual size because i wouldn't order it if it were really that big.#thatswhatshesaid
 We came to ikea with the highest of hopes to have a successful trip. We had a right to be so hopeful because we had one item on our list: a couch. Simple enough right? We spent about 30 minutes examining our options, colors, prices, respecting our differing design tastes like adults, but this game of "whatever you want I want, baby cakes"only lasts until he picks the most hideous couch in the store (is that even possible at ikea? YES.). Then things get a little sour and to spare the details we started walking out of ikea in search for another furniture store that is cheaper...cheaper than ikea? You can see a bit as to what this day was like lol. I agreed to go somewhere else, but I also had something up my sleeve...

Being newbies to Houston we had no idea where else to go. so I am scanning google maps on my phone while walking out of ikea when I find a second hand shop in what we were about to find out a pretty sketchy part of town. We get there and two seconds after walking to the store Joey says ok we will get the couch at ikea. Frustrated that we wasted that time but glad I was getting what I wanted muwahahaha.

We went back at ikea and ended up getting a bed too! OMGeee we are on a roll here! A couch and a bed? We be like civilized folk. Aren't you glad you just read a whole blog post about how someone and her husband went to ikea and bought a couch? Blogging is such a waste of time hahahaha.

the most exquisite baked oatmeal

hey guys,
yeah I know my blog is still not "remodeled" and I haven't posted in ages buuuut I have a recipe to share so that counts for something right? don't get too excited thinking I made this one up although it is pretty self explanatory. this is yet again another one of my pinterest finds. I am making it a goal to cook 2 pinterest recipes a week A. to try all this yummy stuff I am merely drooling all over my keyboard for and B. to get myself back into a more "domesticated state". I am really lacking in the good housewife department lately so this lovely breakfast is part of that effort!

I got a couple requests on instagram for a recipe so the link is here. It's super easy to throw together and makes your house smell so freaking vanilla-y wondrous. Hope you enjoy!