Thursday, February 28, 2013


Every morning around 6:30-7:00 Gertie and Kitty join forces to wake me up. This morning their alarm clock services were executed even earlier than usual. Stumbling out the door to take Gertie to pee I see the sky as the sun is coming up.

 I was like whoooooaaahh. I dashed back inside to snag my camera and snap a few shots (none of which I edited. so these colors are real!)while Gertie whined at me telling me how bad she needed to pee.

 I couldn't believe my eyes. The clouds were amazing this morning.

While It isn't the most fun being woken up at the crack of dawn I will admit that I love getting up early. I feel like this part of the morning is mine. The way the early morning looks is different from the rest of the day. Before the sun has time to warm things up often there is fog, mist, rain, and gorgeous cloud formations that look like a painting. Not very many people are out and there is this peaceful quiet. I experience a sense of gratitude for life and the beautiful world I live in during this time of day.  Come 8:00 the regular morning starts and my favorite part of the day ends putting me back into the regular daily routine. All this happens LONG before Joey someone in this house even thinks about waking up ;)


  1. okay this is incredible..
    what awesome pics Jess.. wish I could have seen it myself!

  2. holy....
    that is GORGEOUS.
    I have to be at work pretty early, and I'm up on the bench in Cottonwood Heights so I get to watch the sun break over the mountains every morning. I hear ya when it feels like your time. makes getting up that early seem worth it.