Sunday, February 10, 2013


 Disclaimer: This post (it's gonna be a big one) is strictly about food and our questionably unhealthy relationship with our dog. You have been warned. 

Two years ago this little
 peanut was born way out in the country a few hours away from Madison, WI. Still undecided whether or not we should even get a dog we drove out to the little podunk town she lived in to see what this pup was all about. The second I held her I knew she was coming home with us that day. Gertrude Leia Plater (explanation of her name should be saved for another day) has since been the joy in our lives and a constant source of happiness in our family. 

This weekend we celebrated Gertie's second birthday with a trip to the park to feed the ducks and baked a yummy (for people & pooches) almond strawberry cake. Here's our little party. 
  I am in love with Hermann park. I could go here everyday. It is huge! The zoo is attached to it and there is a long reflection pond, a duck pond, people practicing cosplay sword fights, a choo choo train, Japanese garden, ampitheater, the natural science museum is across the get the point it's got a lot to offer. Not to mention all of these gorgeous trees.
 Gertie loves the ducks. She doesn't quite know what to do with them. As they would get closer trying to get our bread she would get super excited and lunge at them scaring the ducks away...We didn't end up feeding ducks for too long. Instead we just checked them out from a safe distance...unlike this chap here.
 Now on to the yummy things...don't worry I included a link to the recipe (with a much prettier presentation/photographs) HERE. This cake was so easy! It is pretty healthy too definitely something you could make as a guiltless dessert to share with your significant canine other. (I like it better taste wise without the "frosting")
 We cut a slice for Gertie and before I could get a cute picture of her with her cake she snatched it and tried to make a run for it. She doesn't get fed scraps so when the opportunity for "people food" arises she takes the money and runs.

 In a split second her slice was half...

...I mean all gone.

 You're a good dog, Gertie. You are the by far the best snuggler in the universe. You make a lovely 7am alarm clock...everyday with out fail. You always include your sister even though she's a cat. You have brought your daddy and me closer together as a couple and we thank you for that. Happy Birthday we love you lots!
-Mom and Dad.

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