Sunday, February 17, 2013


My teenage fan girl went to the moon and back when Christoph Waltz was the host on SNL last night. To keep the sabbath day spirit alive for the remainder of this beautifully sunny Sunday here is the clip that satisfies all my fantasies combining my two favorite Tarantino films with Mr. Waltz as the Star.


  1. I've been catching up on a bunch of your posts! - I am stoked that you read "skinny bitch", that was seriously THE BOOK that made me go vegetarian 4 years ago! Also your story about the yoga groupon was hilarious! That sounds crazy! Ha, I've done the belly pooch/breathing thing once before with a guest teacher and I didn't really get it... ha. So funny!

    1. Kelsey I wish I could have used a groupon at your yoga studio instead of that nightmare! It does make a funny story though haha. I am dying to just get into a regular routine at a yoga studio so I can get a good daily practice regimen back in my life. I can't do it at home on my own. I just need to rob a bank so I can pay for the yearly unlimited membership plans that cost as much as college tuition lol jk...but seriously it's pretty close lol.