Saturday, April 7, 2012

If you put a cute shirt over that muffin top it doesn't make you a cupcake.

Hey guys! I will cut to the chase and say that I have a pretty fun announcement to make. I am now employed at J.Crew! It happened really fast, and I am super excited! I have been working at Gigi's cupcakes since October of 2010. It has been really fun, but I have been itching for some change. I applied to Anthropologie, but it didn't work out-didn't even get called back but whatev-. I have been wanting to work at a clothing store for a while because I am really wanting a discount. I also have been wanting to get away from working with food. I went to the mall on wedensday got an application, filled it out, had Joey print out my resume, turned in app, and scheduled an interview. Thursday had the interview, Friday got the job!
I wish our store facade looked like this!

I know that retail can be hell, but the girls at this J.Crew all seem like a lot of fun. The store is super SMALL compared to any J.Crew I have been to which could be good or bad I dunno yet. I start next week so wish me luck! I am fantasizing that my life will all of a sudden start looking like this since I am going to be dressing the part ;)

 I am going to miss everyone at Gigi's way too much so I agreed to "be on call" for them during wedding season. Have a great Easter tomorrow don't eat too many peeps bleh.


  1. i was expecting to hear you were preggy. haha congrats!

  2. I love this annoucement! way better than being pregnant! Your discount will be cash money!!
    p.s. i think I can guess about your adventures in the Old Forts in PR! ;)