Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another View

I, Joey, am writing this post so you can perhaps enjoy a story from our lives that you might never hear.

Jess and I were on our way to a movie last Friday when we made our usual stop at the gas station next to the theater to pick up a few snacks. I grabbed my usuals and met Jess up near the front. I noticed she was was trying to hide her drink from me is a non-nonchalant sort of way that made it even more obvious.
"What's that?" I asked. She grudgingly showed me her sparking water.
"Are you kidding me?" I said. "Only old people drink that stuff. It's disgusting." Then I remembered Jess had started a sugar fast a few days earlier and I laughed at her and her decision that had led to her getting Perrier for our movie.

She put it back because she knew it was gross; she just wanted to convince herself it was good, I imagine because of her irrational love of Europe and their love of the stuff.
We got in the car to head over to the theater.
"You going to blog about it?" I asked.
"About what, my sugar fast?" she said.
"Ya, it seems like perfect blog material." I replied.
"No." she answered. With Jess' recent surge of activity on our blog it didn't make any sense that she wouldn't blog about it.
"What? Why?" I asked
"I dunno, I just don't want to share that with everyone." she said uncertainly. Still not making any sense, I continued.
"You don't want to share that with your 10 viewers?" I said unbelieving.
"Well, yeah, I don't know, and plus there's another blogger that just did a sugar fast..." she continued.
"AHHHHH there it is. I got it." And I laughed at my ability to read her so easily and at the complicated world of blogging (she just informed me that I must have pictures in this post, whatever I'm writing, as that is number 1 rule of blogging).

She wants you to know shes on day 7, and also wants to know if you're impressed.

Also I am going to Rice because they sent me this:


  1. hahaha I LOVE THIS! i was crossing my fingers for U of U because that is short from Utah Valley and there wouldve been some killer double dates! but congrats congrats congrats! soo exciting! xoxo

  2. Haha very funny. Very impressed. There's no way I could do a no sugar diet. I do reduced sugar but never no sugar.

  3. haha... thats pretty hilarious, especially when husbands can read us like books... tyler always asks if I'm going to blog about it, he thinks I only take pictures so I can post it for all to see... which is sadly mostly true... oh well! Bloggers forever!