Sunday, March 11, 2012

anyone have any xanax?

I can't sit still around here. I can't stand not knowing where our life is going within the next few months. I need this week to be over asap, and have a solid decision on where joey is going to grad school. It is a huge decision and I respect that but seriously I am dying over here! When contemplating today all of the big changes ahead, I realized I don't really have anything to document these changes with visually. My simple point and shoot camera has finally bit the dust, and the ipod touch strangely doesn't quite get the job done. I am itching for a legit camera. I know a lot of my friends have some sweet ones out there, and I am wondering what you have and what you suggest? Nikon? Cannon? Neither? I love photos, and need to start seriously documenting things. Hope your Sunday was grand! Ours was delicious. mmmm pancakes....and church of course.

on an adorable note Gertie is all cuddled up with me while I type, and she has just the cutest little snore!

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  1. Love my Canon rebel. Seriously I will never leave Canon. So reliable. I would suggest a higher model then a Canon rebel though. I can't remember their names but maybe look on canons website?