Wednesday, March 28, 2012

sorry for the slight delay

Hey guys,
School is super busy right now as my professors try to take out their anxieties of spring break coming this Friday. I had a test monday, a paper tuesday, an annotated list tomorrow, and a test friday...oh and class til 9 tonight. Friday can not come soon enough! I will have a break until easter, and then a test that monday we go back! Is there such thing as cruelty towards students? Can I call the campus police for student abuse? Well after the break there is only a few weeks left of school so happy day! I am going to be getting lots of stuff done over the break: like my dishes which have been breeding to claim the majority of our kitchen space, my homework-blah, and my blog! Can't wait to have it all pretty for you guys. It was going to be done sooner, but obviously has had to be put on hold.

FYI: I am on day 16 of my sugar fast woot! I am having serious cravings for strawberry cake and maple syrup (not together, although...drool). On day 21 of my sugar fast I will break it fashionably by baking something delicious and going to town on it :) counter productive? maybe, but at least I can say I did no sugar for that long.

I have been asked if I feel any different for giving up sugar. To be honest nothing incredibly amazing has happened to me. I haven't' noticed a total surge of energy or extreme weight loss. I have noticed that my head is a little more clear, which is hard to judge since school is frying my brain right now. I mostly feel more control over my eating. I have an addictive personality and am not the type of person that can eat 'just one' or a little chocolate a day and be good. If I have a bite I kinda go crazy and can't stop when it comes to sugar. Giving it up and just not having any has helped me from not eating too much especially of something that isn't good for me. Obviously this isn't the best approach because deprivation can cause binging later. To overcome this my strategy will be to go 21 days of no sugar (processed/sweets) then indulge & repeat the cycle. I won't be too strict on it like if its someone's birthday etc. I will see how this goes. I want to be healthy and be my best self. I make it fun by using two jars one with 21 pennies in it and the other is empty. Each day I go with out it I put another penny in the empty jar. Great to show visual progress!

Yay for healthy and I will see you guys during my break! ps like the photos? These are what I am writing my big paper on for my German Expressionism class. They are fashion postcards from the Wiener Werkstatte in Vienna. I am LOVING this paper. This is nerdy of me I know, but seriously they are amazing! Check out the Neue Galerie in NYC if you want to see more about these. I am dying to go there now! Thanks mom and dad for going this week without me!

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