Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm growing up!

Hey guys check it out: I figured out how to change the background on my blog! I will be playing around more to find a better background, but this will do for now. Someday I will totally understand how to make a blog, but it is still uncharted territory for me.

Life is pretty good over here for the Platers. It was a slight snowmageddon in Madison. People at Whole Foods were acting crazy getting their supply before we are snowed in. Madison's snow removal isn't like Utah's, and they don't believe in salting the roads which makes driving even scarier. It isn't that bad, but we are couped up in the apartment for the night. Great for getting my homework done...or blogging?

So today I bought Kale for the 2nd time. First time was a bad experience, but I am going to try it out in my green smoothies or even make some kale chips this weekend. I am excited.

Gertie had her first birthday which was so fun!

We had Minsi Gertie's best friend come over for some "pup cakes" you can see the recipe here. I tasted it, and they are pretty good. Just a really dense muffin basically. I put a little dollop of yumbutter peanut butter for the frosting. She wasn't quite sure how to eat her pupcake.

I made Schnauzer cupcakes for the humans. They were way too time consuming so I only made a couple, but they turned out pretty cute!

I haven't mentioned yet that Joey and I went to Houston together for his interview @ Rice University. Up until we had that little vacation I was so against living in Texas. I didn't want to live in the "Big American/ Walmartville" etc part of society. Houston was gorgeous though. A huge city with a fabulous art museum :) Getting to Houston was a nightmare, and to spare you all the details we ended up spending the night in Atlanta and got $1200 in compensation for flight tickets later! Worth the shiz we went through? I would say yes.

Once we landed in Houston due to the "overbooking" delays we had to book it ourselves to the University. We got to the rental car area and the guy (in shorts!!) greeted us with water bottles that were slightly sweating. Remember how it was February when we went? Yes I am liking this Houston heat already. He took us to a row of cars and said we could pick out of the row. Before he could finish his sentence I squealed the FIAT! I couldn't stop giggling and grinning driving out of the parking garage. Such cute cars! I will never own one though-no pick up what so ever.

We made it to the University a half hour before Joey's interview which was perfect. I dropped him off and dashed to the MFAH to check out the King Tut exhibit. It was amazing! I also had enough time to breeze through the rest of the museum and grab a couple postcards of my favorite pieces.

This one is The Corn Poppy by Kees Van Dongen. I couldn't get over how much I loved it! Love the red mmm.

After the museum I headed back to the school to meet up with Joey and the MBA "tour guide" who took us to lunch at a swanky university restaurant. After that Joey and I toured around the campus which was so quaint!
I loved the trees!

I convinced Joey to go back to the museum so I could show him everything I liked...and see some things that I went by too quickly. I love art! After getting our picture as mummies Joey was getting tired of being in his suit so we went to our hotel to check in.

After freshening up checked out "The Village" which is a big shopping district that goes on for miles it felt like! We grabbed some dinner at a local hipster joint- which was utterly delicious. Joey was having pregnant woman strength cravings for coldstone so we asked the waiter how to get to one. He gave us directions that seemed easy, but we never found a coldstone. We ended up running into another swanky shopping area that had a ice cream place similar to coldstone.

There was a cute movie theater there so we chilled at the Barnes & Noble (our frequented spot for date nights) while we waited for The Artist's showtime.

We loved The Artist such a great movie. Highly suggest it if you haven't seen it yet. We went back to the hotel and lounged falling asleep to watching VH1 top women artists. We were up bright an early to the biggest rain storm I have ever seen! Driving to the airport was scary in that little Fiat. There would be moments when we couldn't see anything because we hit a huge puddle...while on the freeway. We screamed a couple times. Other than the rain and getting a little lost we made it to the Airport. All thanks to the kind homeless man outside the gas station that showed us the way. Houston was the perfect little adventure we had been needing. I love traveling with Joey even though I am pretty sure we are cursed with bad luck anytime we travel together.

I went to Chicago last weekend, but I will post about that later. I need to type a comparison essay on Greek funerary pottery fun friday for sure!

ps I am trying to keep it healthy which gets really hard when you are a stress eater and being in college=stress. What are somethings you guys do to keep yourself on track, and keep stress under control?Link

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