Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Elsha Rae's Wedding

The reason I flew out to Utah this weekend was for a very special occasion. June 8th my favorite cousin Elsha got married. My mom's side of the family is really small, so I am really close with Elsha and her younger sister McKenzie. Her family and mine have done so many things together like going on vacations, holiday dinners, etc ever since we were really little. When Elsha lived in California I flew on a plane for the first time by myself to go visit her. Every summer growing up we sunburned our bodies to a crisp in the blistering Florida sunshine...literally blistering. One summer we got sunburned so bad we got water blisters all over our shoulders, and while on the rides at Disney World they slowly popped...and leaked onto our shirts...gross.We were really good at running away from our moms holding suncreen bottles, and cameras (aunt Jan LOVED taking our picture) Thus we were forced to swim in tshirts a lot. It is probably how I became such a good swimmer  by learning to swim with a tshirt that would fit a full grown man. The four of us (me, elsha, mckenzie, and my little bro johnny) apparently all share the "Sanderson family birthmark." Needless to say Elsha is very dear to me, and her getting married was very special for me. Being in the sealing room with her was an experience I will never forget. The smile that popped onto her face when the sealer said she was now mrs roberts is engrained into my memory forever. Elsha is the most beautiful girl I know and I am so grateful to call her my cousin and share my middle name with her! Enjoy the plethra of pictures!
ps the red hat was just to be funny...

people walking down the street were not sure what to think of my hat

its the Royal Wedding folks!



give me your dress!

lots of hugs that day

my ridiculous hat again

elsh and nana

poor kenz. my dad wouldn't stop taking pics of her crying lol.

Roberts family+elsha


looking fine ladies!
the padres

so pinterest


I loved all the cute little details

me and my uncle gordie!

such a quaint house. would have loved to grow up here...except not in spanish fork, ut lol
prettiest little girl!

I may or may not have eaten 5 of these.

I'm seeing her wedding fitting into pinterest perfectly ;)

amazing food!

Nana is the easiest person to get awkward photos from. and I love it.

Bride and Groom chair. ADORBS
Uncle Bobbie and Mom

my freaking cool nephew Talmage

umm don't know what I'm doing here.

Funniest kid you will ever meet. Wilson.

My brother Jason his wife Heather and #2 baby Lucy Girl

Haka! Uncle Gordie got so into it. My dad is in the back!

The reception was basically going to the Polynesian Cultural Center

Elsha Congratulations! I love all the memories we share together. Can't wait to share some as married old farts, and god forbid as parents someday!


  1. I grew up across the street from the Roberts. Small world.

    1. haha no way! they are an awesome family. super small world.