Tuesday, June 19, 2012

get on your bikes and ride

still busy with school, i'm sure you're are all so interested in hearing about that! Other than modern german history being on my mind my legs are. Not in the vain way trust me. My legs are just super sore, and I love it. Living in Madison makes it really easy for me to ditch my car and get around on my bike. I ride to school everyday which totals up to be 8 miles give or take(which I know isn't that much...and I don't know why my legs are sore I do this everyday). I haven't had time to take any pictures myself of me riding my bike so yes I am being one of those people intermingling my blog with pinterest and tumblr ideas. They are some sweet bike pics. I will get real pictures by me of my biking adventures in the near future. Before Joey leaves I have some serious cycling dates planned.

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