Friday, June 15, 2012

girls night heyyyyyyy

gotta glam it up for the ladies night
 After hiking, grocery shopping, and lunching on Saturday I got home to get ready for the much awaited girls night. Kiersten, Mikell, Jade and I have been a besties group since 7th grade...mikell ever since I lived in my neighborhood. We did EVERYTHING together, and thankfully have stayed super close throughout the years even with me deciding to move halfway across the country. We had dinner at my beloved Hires big H, shopped and acted a fool at the new City Creek Mall, and turned into thirteen year old girls giggling at Kiersten's house until 1 in the morning. I love getting my fix of hanging out with my best friends, and it always makes it hard to go back home knowing I can't hang out with them every weekend :( So come visit me guys! geez I have visited you how many times now? I see who is pulling the weight in this relationship.
mmm that's my root beer float in the foreground

silly jade got a blt,

but I got my cheeseburger. ah.

we tried on clothes that were slightly inappropriate for us married ladies


jessica fail. I seriously couldn't stop laughing that whole night.
 Mikell met up with us a little bit late, so we went back to forever 21 to let her shop a bit there...we got a little bored.

We stopped by Tiffany's and Nordie's..gosh I miss that store. Has anyone else noticed that they laid out city creek from not so swanky of stores on one end, and the really swanky stuff way down on the other end after crossing the street? Don't want the bourgeois intermingling with the peasants now.

 This is when we got really silly. Trying out partner yoga...or pretending we knew what we were doing. Such a fun night gals! I always laugh hardest when I am with you! Love you!

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