Saturday, June 16, 2012

lady in the red hat

Let's back track a bit. After Elsha's wedding ceremony last week. Yes I am going to prolong this one trip into many posts as possible :) Anyways after the ceremony we were STARVING! anyone in the sealing room would have known that by hearing the White family's stomachs growling. We headed to the new Cheesecake Factory at City Creek which was delish. To make a scene I wore my red hat :)

While waiting for my mom and nana to meet up with us my dad and I goofed off with this fantastic accessory.

 My dad made his favorite hostess (my dad loves his hostesses lol) wear the hat. She knows how ridiculous my dad can be and just laughed it off.
 Then my dad wore it for a bit.  Finally my mom and nana showed up so we could eat some food tina!
I love my nana!

 We all shared the cookie dough cheesecake which suprisingly was not as good as I thought it would be...of course that didn't stop us from cleaning the plate. I mean it's still cheesecake.
 Our exotic waitor on the left(...don't remember his name, but we called him Antonio because my mom has a celeb crush on Antonio Banderas.) was thinking with the hat and nice clothes that it must be my birthday. He asked, and without hesitation I said I had another dessert served to me with everyone singing to me. Never turn down a birthday song I always say. My birthday is at the end of the month so I didn't feel too bad for "lying"if that is what you want to call it,

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  1. I love your family, I love your Nana, and i LOVE YOUR RED HAT!