Sunday, June 17, 2012

All thanks to my dad

 Anyone who knows John White doesn't need me to remind them that he is seriously the most amazing man alive. He can make you laugh like crazy especially at the most inappropriate inside the temple. He can golf like a pro. Cries watching almost anything...this video...or this trailor of les miserables (but who doesn't?) Cooks like his mama showed him. Spoils his kids rotten. Has been to every musical. Can sing any song by heart. He is the best person to travel with. He knows how to seize the day and live life to its fullest. Most of all he raised an amazing family that I am so happy to be a part of.

Now that I am married I am lucky enough to have two fathers in my life! Joseph Rue Plater III is the best father in-law I could ask for.

He is super silly, but is also very sweet. He is very smart, athletic, funny, and  a world traveler. My sister in law sara gives a much better shout out to him than I am attempting right now. Joey (my hubby) is basically a spinning image of Joe. It is funny seeing how alike these two are...and sometimes it is down right scary.

Clones? Maybe. It is so good to know though that if Joey keeps being like his dad our babies (in the future) will have the most wonderful father. Love ya Joe!

These pics are from sunday dinner with my fam last week. Thanks dad for making our family and lives so wonderful! Love you!

beckham and taylor

my brother jake

view from my house. it never gets old.

taylor and lucy

she is such a pretty girl!

lucy cracks me up. she is so independent!

my nieces! taylor, lucy, samantha (who carries a backpack just like her big brother wilson) & ali bug

the boys: beckham(wasn't having a good day), wilson with his backpack, and T (talmage)

i love watching my nieces play with my old barbies!

my brother jared and little tay tay!

wilson getting his big teeth!

ali loves my barbies

thanks costco for the cake

this is what i wanted for dessert. best donuts everrr.

me and jason!


pre-bday celebrations

just the girls eating their cake

best buds

notice samantha and wilson with their backpacks! they never take them off!

me and nanners

samantha, jojo, and me. she is so gorgeous! awesome yogi too.

best sunsets in bountiful, ut

a toast to a lovely weekend!

goodbye sun

goodbye everyone! can't wait to be back in the 801 again!

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