Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One Step closer to "Martha Status"

I think this post proves we have lived in Madison for too long. I made soap the other day! Not the kind made from lard... I found it on pinterest(surprise surprise), and it is basically extending the life of a bar of soap. It all started when Joey found out that a chemical often found in antibacterial products called triclosan could be harmful. I am not here to preach about what will give you cancer etc. If you want to learn more about it look it up. I think it is in toothpaste too. Anyways we decided to change the soap we buy. Natural soaps can be expensive such as Mrs. Meyers but I LOVE that soap! So back to making the soap-the farmer's nest blog has way to make a gallon of Mrs Meyers soap for about $5 which saves a lot considering a 12oz bottle of the liquid soap costs $3.99. Check out the link it was so easy! Now I think we have enough soap for the next 5 years. Well not that much, but you get he point.

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