Saturday, March 10, 2012

don't mind the noise

i have been experimenting and exploring the html side of my blog. don't mind the awful layouts and things. i will have it all worked out in the near future when i have more time to play around with it. if anyone has tips for me in figuring out stuff with blogger- layouts, buttons, headers, etc. i am all ears! as you can see i am in need of some help.

As for the Platers we had a gorgeous saturday. we slept in, had a delicious breakfast (minus the hashbrowns that i messed up), did some spring cleaning, i ran a billion errands, and we finished off this gorgeous day with a walk with gertie in the super cute nakoma neighborhood...where gertie pooped 3x and we only brought one bag...awkward. i was planning on taking pictures (of the walk not gertie pooping) but spaced it. joey and i were talking about plans for the next few months and how we are going to take on the challenge of moving him to grad school while i stay here for my school, what we are going to do with all our stuff (sell it), the animals etc. lots to plan and lots of stress, but all for another wonderfully exciting chapter in our book of life! (cheesy? probably)

Little perks today: cashing our coins at the bank. joey was thinking $40. I was thinking $70. how about $169?! boom baby! that is some serious quarters! I got to meet my friend's newborn stella at the hospital. had a wendy's frosty at lunch.

i am hoping that sometime next week we will be officially announcing where joey will be going to grad school. he has been accepted to rice which is in houston, but he was also accepted to the u of u. we are expecting the official acceptance package from the u any day now to see about scholarships. we will keep you posted!

which will we pick?

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  1. I'm in suspense! Keep us updated on which school you choose :) Also, if you figure out how to do buttons on blogger please fill us in.