Thursday, March 22, 2012

perfect for a rainy day

Are you tired of always dressing to impress to not getting much in return? Wishing you had something that would snuggle on the couch with you while watching a marathon re-run of america's next top model? Then look no further. Just dig out your giant ramekins, get some puff pastry dough, and GUINNESS*This my friends is that steak and Guinness pot pie I mentioned earlier. It was absolutely delicious. No complaints whatsoever except that I can't eat this everyday without becoming a whale. Try it out! It takes a while so start make it early enough and you will be set.don't skimp on the cheese. go with Irish Dubliner white cheddar.The buttery crust with the bite from the cheddar and Guinness just go down so easliy....and then somehow you eat the whole thing. not something you should make too often, but definitely something to make on a cooler rainy spring day. with the grass going green and rainbows abound you will feel like ye are in de ole land o the irish laddie. Here is the link for Jamie Oliver's recipe that I used.
*disclaimer-I don't drink, but I find no harm in cooking with alcohol. There ya go.

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