Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fortunate Fool

I love holidays! Even the small ones. Just ask Joey I get way too excited when a holiday comes up. I can't wait until we have money a house so I can decorate like crazy for all the holidays! April Fool's is always a fun day to do silly things, and pull hilarious pranks. I'm disappointed to say that I didn't pull any pranks on Joey this year. But I did make a fooling dinner! 
 I made a meatloaf "cake" which was just meatloaf baked in old tuna cans (great for mini cakes-grandma white's secret trick!), then I layered them and "frosted" them with mashed potatoes. Used peas for sprinkles and piped with a small star tip for fancy decoration.
check out Joey's amazing "cake" cutting skills!
Dessert was a "tv dinner" which were really cupcakes! I got the idea from my Hello Cupcake book my Nana got for me. It was delicious and reminded me of something of one of my BFF's mom would do. She always does fun things April Fool's/any holiday/ birthday. Alana you ROCK. 
fried chicken, mashed potatoes, peas & carrots, & chocolate pudding! oh wait nope just cupcakes!

One of my old friends from working at the Brick Oven is hilarious, and she did April Fool's day right! Check out Whitney to see some of her pranks.

 I have been on the search for an apartment to live in for fall semester, and have found a couple prospects! I met with one girl who is great, but her apartment is too far away from campus. The apartment that I am really hoping to get into is in a super cute neighborhood on the "near east side". I have always wanted to live in this part of Madison, and the house is right by a park and the lake! It is a 5 bedroom with only 2 girls in it so far. They are grad students, and seem pretty fun for what FB stalking has shown me. We are meeting next week after spring break, but aparantly they think I will be a good match because "I had them at cupcakes". I am finding it pays off to work at a cupcake place in more ways than just contributing to my ever enlarging arse.

Hope you guys are enjoying having to be in school or at work because I still have 4 more days of spring break! Not to rub it in or anything ;)


  1. What the! You are so creative! Impressive seriously.

    1. I owe my creativity to hello cupcake & martha stewart haha.