Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That awkward moment when art comes to life.

I love Franz Marc
While sitting in German expressionism lecture today I tucked my hair behind my hear to feel something strange. It felt like a scab? booger.? uhhhh....I remove the unidentified object and put it on my notebook. It wasn't a scab. It wasn't a booger. It was alive. A freaking bug of some sort was in my hair! He was wiggling around on my notebook while I held back everything in me not to have a total freak out while in lecture. I stabbed this little black thing with my pen until I knew for sure it was dead. Then I slid it onto my arm rest so I could examine it when the lights came back on (art history classes are in the dark fyi). I had to make sure it wasn't a tic or anything. Now in a state of paranoia that something creepy is crawling on me/ that I was bit by some venomous bug no one has heard of and I only have a few hours left to live.

Again I love Franz Marc
It is sort of Ironic that this situation happened while my professor was lecturing about this piece. Fate of the Animals. Didn't hear a word she said about the painting, but I felt the apocalyptic emotion of the piece while discovering what was inhabiting on me and its fateful end from my pen.


  1. hahah i love the did hear a word she said about the painting! love school!

  2. How do you get your instagrams to show up like that?

  3. come on meg, you cant read html?