Monday, April 9, 2012

a not so average easter

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter! This year went a bit differently than it usually goes, but it was still nice. I got up early to study for a big test that I had today (blahhhhhh). Joey got sick this weekend, so I was nice and let him sleep. I went to church, and left early so I could get back to studying. Isn't this an amazing Easter so far? Well after I came home I got some breakfast going for the two of us. I made some resurrection rolls (yummy delish!)
they taste like cinnamon rolls but not as sweet :)

and our favorite Whole Foods black forest bacon. We swear by it. I don't know if it is only in the midwest you can get it or all Whole Foods has them, but it is seriously the best thing you will put in your mouth.
I know you can just hear it sizzle. When you cook it until it is super crunchy it just melts in your mouth!

After Breakfast Joey suprised us with easter baskets! So proud of him I didn't even have to ask for one haha. I got a cake pop kit, some cadberry creme eggs, and pink easter socks (which I gave myself lol). Joey even got a basket for Gertie and Ethel to share! Gertie got some bones and a toy, and Ethel got some Fancy Feast haha...Ethel likes to eat.

I got joey a very maritime outfit, but I failed on his pant size so I have to return it. I will make him model it though when I get the right size. Don't judge that I still don't know my husbands pant size! I also filled his 5gallon plastic storage box  Easter basket with peeps, lil debbie oatmeal cream pies and starburst sour jelly beans. Very successful in our loot from the Easter bunny.

I spent the rest of the afternoon attempting to be studying before I met up with my friend Colleen. She was my first friend that I made in Madison, and was definitely the one I am closest to. Even though she is ten years older than me we totally clicked. She is so fun and we always have a good time together. We met working at Gigi's, and I remember the day she started that I wanted to be friends with her.  She unfortunately is moving to Georgia, and this was our last day to be able to hang out before she flew down south. Her husband is already down there so she was spending Easter all alone. We made plans to have dinner since she had to show her house until the late afternoon. Instead of your typical Easter brunch we had an Easter dinner at the Avenue Bar

....just the two of us since Joey still wasn't feeling well. We both had pot roast with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a whole lot of gravy! Talk about a wonderful Easter dinner!

We took our last picture together, and weirdly enough I didn't cry! It still doesn't feel like she is moving away. Maybe I have become numb to separations living away from friends and family, or I am just in denial. Who knows. Well I need to get back to the grind of homework. Slacking over spring break has not done me any favors. Time to read about mucous plugs!

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