Sunday, February 24, 2013

warming up

This weekend Joey and I went to a birthday dinner with some of his classmates. Being the newbie to these parts I was asked a couple times how I like Houston. My answer kept being, I'm warming up to it. Now that I have two places I call "back home" (utah & wiscsonsin) means Houston has two big shoes to fill. I made a pro/con list of Houston so far for an idea of how I'm feeling about this place.

Pro:                                                                               Con:
1. So many museums and art galleries.                        1. Not a walkable city/ and hardly bike-able.
2. Never ending yummy places to eat.                         2. No Mountains or activities that go                                                                                           with them.
3.  Lots of pretty trees.                                                 3. Cockroaches.
4. Unique architecture.                                                4. The most terribly maintained roads ever.
5. Mild Winters                                                           5. Dreading summer and that whole                                                                                           having to wear clothes during it bit.

Perhaps Houston will continue to grow on me. I haven't completely turned my nose up to this place. It is still Big Ol' Texas down here though, with compensating pickup trucks and 'murica attitudes but there is also a lot of diversity and culture which I embrace. My biggest problem with this place is that my friends aren't here. I hate leaving them behind but I am so glad for all the ways I can still keep in touch with them. I consider myself blessed that I get to have one of my bestest friends from Utah move down here in just about a week! Keep working, Houston you might win me over some day.

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