Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to Madtown

Madison is so amazing! We live in the burbs but can get to downtown Madison in just a couple minutes, which is great because there is so much to do!
Joey is enjoying work at epic. He had a staff meeting today(with 3000 employees!). At epic they have a meeting once a month with all the staff, and then lunch at the campus cafeteria is free! To keep the staff happy during the meeting there are personal popcorn bags and soda. Yes I think Joey will like it at Epic.
I just got a little job at pier 1 imports, and it is ok...not going to lie it's pretty boring, but hey it is a job! I might be getting another part time job at the local bank which would be better pay than at the pier. I am crossing my fingers I get it, and you can cross yours too.
Getting to know our way around town is taking some time but we (aka me Jessica) are getting pretty good at finding our way with out being attached to the ipod touch's maps app.
We went to the Dane county farmer's market (which is #1 in the nation!) on Saturday. It was really cool. It takes up the whole capitol square jam packed with booths and people. There is fresh produce, organic anything. REAL meat that is kosher in my eyes. Cheese of any sort from any milking livestock. One of my favorite parts of the market was the assortment of baker's booths and all the yummy treats! Those will be hard to eat sparingly! When we arrived to the market parking was a little bit of a nightmare, but after that we grabbed a hearty and healthy breakfast at a baker booth. Joey had a cinnamon roll, and I had a rhubarb turnover. We bought some crazy thick and delicous asparagus and rhubarb. I actually cooked them tonight. I made asparagus flan and rhubarb crisp for dessert. It was delish.
Well there isn't much else to update now other than I am starting my own aquarium soon! Ha ha yes you may giggle a little. We bought a little 2.5 gallon tank, and I am going to attempt creating a "takashi amano" style tank. Who or what is takashi amano? just google it, his tanks are effing awesome.
Enjoy all the photos!

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