Wednesday, May 26, 2010

While exploring

Here are some random pictures of discoveries I have made in Mad-town. I found an amazing park that is right on the lake. Which lake I am not sure I think it is Mandota. I found a bum sleeping in the shade, playing in front of a grocery store, and the other night Joey and I discovered that bums take over state street after finals are over and college students aren't swarming downtown. During the summer there are lots of sailboats on the lakes, and on sundays the public can watch professional water skiers practice on the lake from one of the parks. It is interesting sundays are busy days outside of utah. Many sports tournaments, state championships for high school etc are held on sundays in Wisconsin. The one picture with the lake and the downtown buildings in the background is part of the UW campus. It is an AMAZING campus. Mom there is a street named after you!.... Or you after it? hmmm

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