Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long time no see

Hey everyone sorry for not updating regularly I am one busy lady! I have been working lots at Pier 1 Imports, and I like it there more now. I have learned to overcome boredom for the most part, and I have made some pretty cool friends.

This past week I have been in formal training for my 2nd job as a teller at UW Credit Union. I have one more week of seminars and "training" on how amazing UW Credit Union is. In the afternoons I get to go to the branch that I will be working at to get my feet wet as a teller. I like that part of my day because I get to be around lots of different people, and start to befriend my coworkers. Working at this bank will be super cool I am on state street and a stones throw away from UW campus. It is the mecca for UW students, bums, and all other madisonians to hang out shop, and have a merry old time. I have been warned not to step in the occasional dried up vomit on the sidewalk from the night before, and that there are about 4 bums (which names I can't remember) who are regulars on state street and are totally harmless.

Joey still likes his job and has just moved into his official office. The building is really cool and Asian themed. He is in the process of creating his best tank yet in his office right now. It is also going to be in the Takashi Amano style like my tank. I love visiting Joey's office because every floor has a coffee room with free juice, milk and chocolate milk! Also in a big cabinet there are millions of assorted tea bags so I like to steal the herbal ones for my collection at home. Eating lunch here is also super amazing. The food is delish and out of control cheap.

Weather in Wisconsin is pretty intense sometimes. It actually rains here for starters. In Utah it sprinkles, in Wisconsin? it pours! Lots of rain and huge lightning storms I love it! I actually think I prefer rainy days over hot sunny ones...yes I know I'm a little bit crazy. The other night it was stormy looking and the sky was really dark towards the north. Then all of a sudden the sky went pumpkin orange. I am not exaggerating. I was at work when it happened and my manager was calling people asking if tornado warnings had gone out when all of a sudden lightning struck somewhere close because all the windows in the store shook! I was kinda freaking out inside, but then we found out that orange sky means hail, and greenish sky means tornadoes. The storm passed and we all lived.

Last night Joey and I went to a restaurant called Bluephies which we found most tasty. I had "the Bluephie" which is their signature sandwich with turkey, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, some type of delicious aioli sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and yummy bread. Joey had a hard core mac n cheese with chicken, broccoli, onions removed, three cheese blend and topped with a panko bread crumb mixture. As for dessert I ordered the "chocolate cookie dough egg rolls". Yes basically they are two deep fried rolls of cookie dough with vanilla frozen custard to wash it down with. I love the food here! Just have to run a little more the next day. Just FYI in general the traditional cuisine of Wisconsin is greasy, meaty, cheesy, and probably full of nitrates and other harsh chemicals. "Moderation in all things" haha.

After Bluephies we walked to the nearby park which is a lake and chilled for a bit. There was a band playing, people playing soccer, Frisbee, horseshoe, canoeing on the lake etc. It was very picturesque. At the shore of the lake there were some gals log rolling! They were training for the competition that was going to be the next day. It was really cool to watch, they make it look very easy.

I think that is all that is new around birthday is next monday!! I am super excited, just wish I could participate in the things that turning 21 represents. Oh well. There is a restaurant here in Madison called the Nitty Gritty and it is THE place to go for your birthday. I guess it is a City tradition, but that tradition is most likely based on the free mug you get that has unlimited beer refills. My friends at work tell me that is the first stop you make when you turn 21. Get in as much beer as you can, then head to a fun bar for the hard stuff. I asked how the food was, but they didn't know they went there to get drunk not eat haha. As for my 21st birthday celebrating plans I am not quite sure I might want to go to Chicago but we will see. I want cross country skis though if anyone was going to ask what I want..that and money. Thanks!

Stay classy everyone

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