Monday, December 6, 2010

Six degrees

It is december, and it is time for a plater updater session. Joey and I are just enjoying the freezing temperatures here in the midwest. I work at UW Credit Union and Gigi's cupcakes. Two great jobs...gigi's is way more fun though. It is a nice balance.
Being a teller helps me with being professional and learn how to be smart with finances for free. While making cupcakes is happy time. I get my baking urges satisfied, I get gossip time with the ladies, and I get free cupcakes. Yeah work life is good right now. It is extremely busy, but I like it.
I am also taking a match class at MATC Madison. I am almost done with it!! Even better I am going to pass!!! Yes passing college algebra will probably be one of my biggest accomplishments in life. I have attempted this class three other times so the 4th better be the charm. You could say math isn't my strong suit. Or you could say that College Algebra is ridiculous and should burn in Hell. You choose.
It is ironic how I hate math but work at a bank. At a bank though it is simple math, and you get to use a calculator on your computer while it looks like you are doing fancy things to look up the member's account.
Joey's job is going just dandily. So are is fish. He has three gorgeous blue discus that are trying to make babies. Either they or the tetras are eating their eggs though. Stupid fish we want to create life!
We tried curling a couple weeks ago. That was interesting. Joey was a natural, and well, I was extremely awkward. I feel like Joey discovers the strangest talents. Such as this curling sport. Another is his knitting skills. I would blame that on his mother though. She is awesome at that kind of stuff.
Other than working and school, our lives aren't too eventful. Unless you consider hours of Call of Duty Black Ops with our neighbor as such, then we party like rock stars everyday.
We will be in Utah on the 17th...can't wait! We are going to party and ski and attend/ be a part of a Rockin wedding!
Siehe bald!

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