Sunday, December 11, 2011

I have become comfortably numb.

I am in the thick of studying for finals, yet I am extremely calm. I think I surpassed the amount of stress and anxiety a person can go through, and am just in a numbed daze. I am studying but not in the panicked hyper mode I think I should be in. It is a bit nerve recking. Not sure how next week is going to turn out. I have moments of anxiety and want to cry. I just tell myself it is all good, and that it doesn't matter (even though it does on so many levels). I don't let myself think about my rush to graduate so that Joey and I won't be separated for more than a semester when he goes to grad school. I don't let myself think about the possibility of failing logic, and what will happen when I owe for my student loans. Ok I constantly think about those things! Just gotta Take it a day at a time. I have My Italian and Japanese art history final on wednesday. Then I hurry up to type a 6 page paper and finish my last logic assignment over the weekend, all while going to chicago for joey's birthday (why must you be born during finals?!). Then tuesday and wednesday one more art history final (just my survey course) and the dreaded logic final. It pretty much will make or break me passing the class. sooooo holy crap! Can't wait til that test is done and we are flying to Reno for christmas! I will be out of this mental fog, and will be such a better person to be around!
see you after finals!

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