Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm a new soul

Joey came home from work today and asked me if I wanted a new laptop. I wasn't sure how to answer. Then he said actually you need a new laptop. Guess my mini laptop had finally broke beyond repair. Which really sucks because it is not even 6months old yet. I have a paper due tomorrow so YES I NEED a new laptop ASAP! I have been pushing for a Mac lately, but we all know how Joey feels about Apple products.
We drove to Walmart looking for the best deal on a laptop, but found the selection to be quite like the demographics of the store...GHETTO. Nothing against Walmart though I hate that company, but this particular store is anything but classy. Anyways we trucked it out of there barely being accepted by the receipt checker to make sure Joey didn't steal the Code Red and $5 slippers. We drove across town in rush hour traffic to Best Buy. Had to deal with way too many overeager nerds asking if we need help. I wanted to say back off buddy my man is an ultranerd too...we've got this covered. Scanning over laptops checking to see what had the best "specs" (I think that is the correct term) to price, I kept longingly gazing to the beautiful white apple section of laptops. I kept throwing in there "mac"? " "apple"?, but Joey would just shirk and give a bitter but true remark about their overpriced merchandise while being the same as a laptop. We were making comparisons when the Mac guy came to ask if we needed help. Joey stirred the pot a bit with him, and in turn we had to listen to a 5 minute lecture about why macs are better than pcs. I wanted to be like dude don't waste your time on this guy. We found the laptop and checked out.
While walking to the car I was kinda sad...sulking. Joey was like whats wrong? Me being a spoiled brat (hey at least I can admit it) said I wanted a mac. I was giving my case once again how much better it would be yada yada yada, and finally the unthinkable came. He caved. "If you want the Mac then lets go get it". I said no at first thinking this was some sort of reverse psychology trick. Before we had left the mall parking lot. I turned around and booked it back to best buy. Made the return and purchased a MacBook Air. This lovely little baby is my Christmas/Anniversary/Birthday present, and I love it! I love Joey so much, and am so happy he let me get this! Even though it is overpriced and whatnot I am Mac girl, and once you go mac you can't go bac. Thanks for spoiling me sweetheart! Muwah
yay new computer!
gotta show off my amazing decorating skills for christmas

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  1. Macs are the best. Greg has similar feelings about macs, but they are definitely the way to go.