Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1 week down.

23 more to go.

First week of Joey being gone really hasn't been too much of a change. After this week is over it will be the longest we have been apart :( We are both keeping nice and busy though so I don't think we will notice the separation too much. Joey started school yesterday and has a decent amount of homework to do...He is already hating having homework again haha. Sucker. Welcome to my life! He is able to ride his bike from the apartment to school which will be nice ALL YEAR ROUND woot! He had school pictures taken which by how he posed on our skype date last night they will probably end up looking like this

After his first day of what they call "immersion" he went bowling with his classmates. From Joey's observation it is looking like business school kinda revolves around drinking. The bowling party had buckets and buckets of beer. He said there will be cocktail parties and gatherings at bars a plenty scheduled in these next couple years. Lucky for Joey he will know how to look the part from his experience of watching Madmen.

This weekend I am excited because I get to house sit for someone in my ward and watch their dog. It will be nice to have a canine in my life again because I miss my Gertie! Also their house is absolutely awesome so it will be a nice change of scenery from my sad apartment with only an air mattress and a swivel chair to label as furniture.

Gertie is adjusting to the new place pretty well Joey says. She has a dog walker come during the day while Joey is at school for 12 hrs a day during immersion. Joey has found a couple dog parks, none that are up to par of Madison's dog parks, but they will get the job done. One even has a swimming hole of some sort. Gertie had no interest in that though.
From both Joey and Gertie the verdict is that Houston is H-O-T. Glad I am up north until Houston cools down some!

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