Thursday, August 2, 2012

Minor Adjustments

Joey left around 6:15am on Tuesday. I cried a little, but was pretty ok for the rest of the day after he left. It just felt like he was at work. It still feels like that on day 3 of him being gone. I am thinking give me a couple weeks and then I will start to feel the reality that he isn't just at work. Hopefully by then I will be in my new apartment filled with college girls to keep me distracted.

So far living totally alone hasn't been bad at all. On Tuesday it felt so weird to say yes to going out for coffee (no I didn't get coffee) with my friend after working in the museum. I didn't have anyone to go home to! I felt so out of place for a little bit not telling anyone that I would be home later, or worrying about getting home to take out the dog...It was kinda nice.

My girl Bront ë(blogger doesn't like how her name is spelled, but yes like the author) has been taking good care of me. After chilling at Michelangelo's we went fencing! super fun. We are going to be taking lessons once a week at some neighborhood center by campus. Yeah we will probably go to the Olympics someday in the sport. 

The only downside to being all alone in a ground floor apartment is it gets SCARY. The cat doesn't help either with her random spaz out run around the apartment episodes. I can't tell if someone is going to murder me or it is just Ethel having a crazy cat moment. Last night was the scariest. It was around 12:30 and I was getting ready for bed. I started psyching myself out like I have been every night since Joey left. I thought about our windows and how I wasn't sure if they were all locked. I started checking when one was unlocked. It is the window that Joey has used a couple times to break into our place when we accidentally locked ourselves out. Well I came to realize that window is broken and won't lock. I went into Katniss mode. I tried to find anything to bar the window shut, but our house had nothing. My next plan was to utilize my Home Alone skills and find random sharp objects to place at the bottom of the window. That way when my murderer came he would hurt his feet when getting inside. I realized that probably wasn't going to do much to save me so I grabbed the biggest sharpest knife in the kitchen and wedged it between my scriptures so I wouldn't accidentally slice myself in the middle of the night, but I had an easy access weapon for when my murderer came. While laying in bed freaking myself out I realized that I was waiting for someone to come kill me...which is ridiculous I know. I said a prayer and youtubed MOTAB until I fell asleep around 2:00am. 

 Joey arrived in Houston yesterday afternoon. The apartment is getting settled, Joey found a dog park for Gerite (with a swimming hole!), and school starts next week for my man. This semester will fly by so fast! Miss him like crazy though.

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