Monday, July 30, 2012

officially freaking out

My mind has been in denial since February that Joey and I are going to live apart for approx 154 finally became real for me yesterday...yeah I am officially freaking out. Yesterday we sold our bed and blew up our air mattress to sleep on that night. That's when it hit me that Joey wouldn't be sleeping next to me, sitting in the same room as me, watching tv shows with me, eating with me, etc with me for a long time.

Obviously I started crying laying on our plastic smelling "queen size" air mattress. Joey being the great comforter he is told me that I don't need to cry, it won't be that bad. Not the big hug/mutual cry sesh I was looking for, but he's right. We are both going to be crazy busy with school, and will be having tons of skype dates, texting olympics, phone calls, visits (hopefully more than just Thanksgiving!)

I think as hard as this experience will be, the next few months are going to be good for us. I am SO excited for December to come so I can get down to Texas ASAP, but I am going to enjoy my last few months as a Sconnie too. I am experiencing so many emotions right now its ridiculous. I don't want Joey to leave, but then I do because that means we can see each other sooner. I am excited to leave Madison to be back with my man, but I am going to miss Madison terribly! I am ecstatic to graduate college (finally), but I am sad to be ending that chapter in my life!...grad school??maybe...prolly not...wanna have babies before I'm 40.

Anyhoo Joey packed up the wagon to the rim. He is all set to head to the Big-A state of Texass. Luckily Gertie was there to help him pack because I have been working on my online class 24/7! Thank you professor who I will not name that assigns far too much work for a summer course!

Gertie:"no dad that box goes over there, and don't forget my tennis ball."

Gertie the co-pilot

Texas Bound!

Tomorrow morning I might not be as optimistic as I am right now about this situation. Luckily I have lovely friends to take care of me and take me fencing tomorrow as a distraction! En Garde!


  1. Is Gertie headed to Texas? Or is she keeping you company?

    1. no gertie is going with joey :( they are inseparable lol. Ethel will stay behind and keep me company though.