Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's been a while

Hey folks,
Kinda forgot about blogging after finals finished up. My brain went into summer vacay mode in more things than just school I guess. Finals finished up great and I got great grades too! Super excited about that. Now I just have 3 classes this summer (german history, rhetoric of religion, and scandinavian history) and fall semester and I am after taking way too long GRADUATED!

Summer is kicking off this weekend like anywhere else in America. One thing that is unique to Madison though is the World's Largest Bratfest. It is a pretty big deal around here. They light the capital "mustard yellow" in honor of it...People like their brats out here. Joey and I went the past two years but don't really feel like going this year....I don't like brats. Guess I will never be a true Sconnie lol.

As far as the Platers go I am starting to pack us up. By that I mean I have been posting stuff on craigslist like it is my job. We are selling everything! Except for a couple small things that can fit in Joey's car. It feels awesome getting rid of everything and simplifying our life. I just can't believe how much crap we took with us from Utah all the way to Wisconsin. Maybe since we were still newly weds we felt guilty of getting rid of so many wedding gifts, but it feels so good to de-junk! I wish we had done this sooner. We had so many things that had never even been opened in the 3.5 years we have been married!

Sorry that there isn't much to report here but it is kinda nice to have things be calm for a bit so we can enjoy the last 66 (give or take) days left together.

Have a happy memorial day weekend everyone! Joey and I are probably going to launch a couple rockets Joey built in celebration for it. Pictures to come! Oh and good luck to all the Madison Marathon runners this weekend!

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