Sunday, December 30, 2012

checking back in

aaaannnd i'm back to blogging again.

I finished my finals. passed my classes-with amazing grades I might add :)

Packed up my belongings into 3 suitcases, a cat carrier, and a "personal item"

just call me a magician/super packer
Flew to Houston on Christmas eve with kitty-no accidents on the plane (thank goodness!). I drugged her up before flying so she wouldn't freak out while traveling. I was nervous that the sedatives wouldn't do much because the first time I gave them to her to test them out before we flew she didn't act any different. Well let's just say they worked on the plane. She did not move or peep once the entire 7-8 hours of travel it took to get from my house in Madison to our house in Houston. She didn't sleep either. She just sat there.

 Since she hadn't gone to the bathroom since the morning we left I was really nervous she was going to make a mess at some point, but she never did! As soon as we got to our apartment we slid her into the litter box...she must have thought that was her bed or something because she hung out in there just starring out the window of the box for about an hour. Didn't pee or poop. just sat there. kitty was super stoned haha.

 We spent Christmas as our own little family. We went to a lovely Christmas movie, relaxed, unpacked, and went out for Chinese.  Extravagant Christmas dinner...very similar to the one in Christmas Story ;)
I am currently getting settled by unpacking and buying odds and ends that I have no idea how joey has survived without for 4 months...dishes, utensils, cooking equipment, ahem....
Our 4th wedding anniversary was two days after Christmas. We went out for tacos to celebrate. After tacos (which were utterly delicious) I made a fort (for our fourth anniversary...yes I know so clever.) and we watched a Woody Allen documentary. Pretty chill. 

 Here's to our new adventure sweetheart.

Here in Houston we are starting from scratch. When Joey moved he only took what he could fit in his car. I mailed a few things to him from Madison while I was still there, but we got rid of A LOT of stuff.
It was kinda crazy and maybe foolish to get rid of all our things, but we see it as a way to simplify our lives and only have what we really need.
I am currently in the job market which SUCKS. I am applying for jobs like its my job...hehe. hopefully something pops up soon.
Houston is Houston is ginormous. Not like NYC big where it is all concentrated in one area. Houston is really spread out and just never ends. Downtown has big buildings etc, but there are like two other areas that seem just as big that are away from downtown...I still have a lot to learn of this place and I can't wait to get it all figured out. There are shops, malls, restaurants, strip malls, and franchises every two feet.  Which is cool, but I think I am going to miss the more personal/locally owned atmosphere of Madison. I will just have to look extra hard for the cute little ma and pa shops wedged in between the slew of Whataburgers and Chase Banks.

now if you excuse me I need to write another cover letter. 

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