Wednesday, November 28, 2012

channeling my inner twiggy

So recently I have become a model...baha! Just kidding. Despite my height I think my love for cookies and ice cream kinda keeps me from such a career. I did model for my lovely friend at College Fashionista though. Never did I think I would see the day where I am recognized for my style... I guess I owe working at a retail store recently to help cure me of my serious lack for it. I mean I love clothes I just had never been very good at putting together outfits. Well look at me now folks! I am all grown up and am being featured on college fashionista today repping UW Madison :) check it out! It will probably be my only claim to fame/ fashion moment.

I will see you all after finals! This is it! Graduation in T-19 days but more like 24 because for some reason UW has winter graduation ceremony before finals take place?...oh yeah that's because they like to have finals five seconds before christmas. oh well either way this lady is graduating! woooooo!

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  1. wow wow wow i so wish i could say the same about this winter...what a fabulous christmas present to give yourself--a diploma...congratulations, jess! i am so proud of you. maybe now you can come visit me and help me put together some cute outfits. i severely lack in the fashionista department.