Wednesday, November 7, 2012

mad dash magnolia

i love big cities. i love the architecture, people watching, shopping (duh), and amazing food EVERYWHERE. i love eating the local fare at cool trendy places and little bakeries. magnolia bakery has been a place i have wanted to go to for a long time and now there is one in chi town! my dad and i wanted to get back up to wisconsin at a decent hour so we didn't leave much time to check out magnolia.

we were on state street (the one with the famous chicago sign) which is really busy approaching magnolia bakery. of course there is no street parking on this street so my dad pulls over fumbles through his wallet, throws me a $100 bill, i jump out of the car with my camera and dash in to absorb the whole experience of this famous bakery while my dad  drives around the block...yeah it was probably a funny site to see.

while waiting in line i am wildly snapping pictures while deciding what i am getting. i picked out a few cupcakes, cookies, some bar thing, snagged a cook book and a jar their famously cute my favorite color, mint :)

I paid while snapping more pictures, dashed out the door with a bag full of goodies. snapping pictures. this place was adorable all decorated for halloween and i wish i could have spent more time there. i walked outside snapped some pictures while i waited for my dad to pull around the corner, jumped in the car and we booked it out of chi town!

next stop? the lds temple!


  1. Thank God you got your blog fixed- I've been having an anxiety attack ever since i noticed it was messed up :)

  2. it isn't all the way better but it is def not as bad as it was lol. just wait for when i am done with school i is gonna make it so cute!

  3. First of all your photos are looking great, you do a great job with your camera. Secondly, thanks for your comment, I wrote an addendum at the end of my post because you're right, it really is a cool experience to live in a swing state for a voter... it actually counts! I think just with the initial Gov election and then the recalls and then this I had HAD it with political advertising and all that goes with it, but I agree with you, its great to know my vote could make or break things. Thanks!

    1. thanks eliza your pics are looking great too! I need to take a class or something to learn how to take advantage of my camera but I have fun just experimenting for now.