Friday, November 9, 2012

lake geneva...wisconsin

after the temple my dad and i took the wrong freeway for a little while and realized that we were going to go home the really long way by driving up to milwaukee then over to madison which would have added another couple hours to our drive. boo. luckily we live in this awesome age of technology! seriously i don't know what i would do with out iphones. we remapped our route to get home. it turned out to be the best part of all of our driving that weekend. instead of the big freeway...which wasn't free we took county highways rolling along the hills and farms in the beautiful countryside. totally gorgeous. i realized that along the way we would be passing lake geneva which is one of the most touristy spots in wisconsin. we stopped there for dinner and walked around the cute sleepy town. the lake was gorgeous and the little shops around town were adorable! after dinner at a cute little nautical themed  joint we hit the road one last time. the only unfortunate part of the drive was it was dark by then so we couldn't enjoy the countryside view the rest of the way.

least to say that weekend with my dad was so wonderful. i love being with my dad and going on adventures with him. he is the best and i love him so much! so excited to be seeing him again in a couple weeks for thanksgiving!

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  1. Jessica! This is one of my most favorite places on all of the earth! so jealous you got to go. Oh how I miss lake geneva. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Of course, with you AND your dad, how could it not be pure enjoyment.