Monday, January 14, 2013

when in houston pt.1

Seeing that we are going to be spending a decent amount of time in this great big city called Houston, but are not sure if we are here forever, I decided that while here I am going to master this place leaving nothing undiscovered...which is probably much easier said than done since this is the 4th largest city in America. All the same though, I am going to do a "when in houston" series every now and then to show cool places and things to do in Houston. I'm looking at it as a "local travel blog" series or something. That way when YOU ALL (never y'all) come down south to visit us you will know where and what all the cool things are....It was 75 degrees this weekend btw. For all those of you in the 801..just saying (come visit us).

We had our first batch of visitors come this weekend. Joey's younger brother and sister flew in from Reno, NV this past Thursday. I set up camp for them in our living room (see here) and we saw a lot of this city! We didn't sit around much which was great, I love just walking around exploring. First place I am going to write about for "when in houston" is the Houston Museum of Natural Science

I love musuems so I am easily pleased when attending these types of places. This place was fun! They had lots of cool dinosaurs, fossils, educational stuff, and THE BEST gem collection I have ever seen. I was too amazed by all the rocks and stones in this gallery that seemed like I was walking through a royal collection or something I forgot to take pictures of it :( but the dinosaurs were sweet!

to my surprise this was not a brontosaurus? it is a diplodocus.  

this big guy is a sloth! or ancestor of. he was huge and scary! Very different from this guy we saw on our trip to costa rica this summer
 this was my favorite creature in the paleontology exhibit. he's just so cute and chubby! too bad someone is trying to eat him.
 posing with my great aunt sally.
 neanderthal! probably the only thing I remember from my anthropology class. not to be mistaken with anthropologie which is a much more fun and interesting subject.
 the museum's exhibits go through all the stages/life of the earth starting with dinosaurs, to animals, to a really big exhibit featuring oil, energy, and modern technology...hmmm I wonder why there is such an emphasis on that sort of stuff in the Houston museum???
the amazing spider man!
Overall I really liked this place. Definitely would go again. Thankfully I have a student ID that doesn't expire until 2017 so I can get my student discount for another 4 years woo! Since Joey is a student of Rice University he gets to go to all the museums/ zoo/ etc in Houston for FREE! That means we will be doing lots of exploring during our time here. Future visitors: bring your student ID.

Have a fantastic monday folks! I need to go shower since I haven't even thought about such a thing since Joey convinced me to start watching breaking is so evil to have the next episode automatically play 15 seconds after the episode ends.

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