Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in 12

For someone who loves pictures wayyyyy too much, picking 12 photos for 2012 was really hard!


this pic was taken pre-iphone or real camera days. thank you ipod touch! grain.
 one of my best friends from growing up got married. love you jude (jade&chris)! 


we flew to houston for joey's interview with rice university. we checked out the art museum while we were at it and saw king tut!


made lucky rainbow pancakes and shamrock green eggs & milk for st patty's day. luck o'the irish!

i will always love my cupcake days at gigi's. especially during holidays. miss my baking beauties!

in order to graduate in december i had to take 3 summer courses. they were mostly fun...i did enjoy spending my lunch breaks on the terrace though.

i went to a most beautiful wedding for my favorite cousin miss elsha rae. celebrated my bday with my family. had one wild and much needed girls night with my favorite ladies.


my super duper awesome in-laws took joey and I to costa rica as a final hoorah before he started grad school. it was amazeballs. costa rica is absolutely gorgeous. we beached it, kayaked it, rainforested it, ziplined it, hiked it, slothed it, swam it, ate it, and drank it. I thought I would take this time to clarify that while a few people were mistaked by this croc... he's not real...he was a stone figure in our pool. I thought about keeping the legend alive that jessica rae plater is the next crocodile hunter, but i really need to focus on my cage fighting skills.

 this month was a little tough. joey had just left for texas. hes started his immersion program at rice. i had to get ready to move to a house full of girls and start my final semester of college. i think i had a pretty nice environment to handle the hardships though. i house sat here for a couple weeks. watched/walked the dog that lived here. hung out with school friends...for the first time. my mom and johnny came down to help me move. august wasn't too shabby considering the circumstances.


this month i realized i made a wonderful decision on the house i would be living at for the semester. my roommates are the most active bunch of folks i have ever met. not even a week into living there i finished my first century ride. that's 100 freaking miles in one day people. i toured the great state of wisconsin on two wheels, made it to lake michigan which seemed like the ocean. bonded with my roommies. scored an awesome bike short tan line. it was the ultimate euphoric endorphin high. oh yeah i stated school this month too.

this is always my favorite month of the year, the weather, the smells, halloween...mmmm fall. this year's october was particularly amazing. I saw our president while sitting on a 13 ft 100 year old abe lincoln statue. joey came to visit me xoxo. ran my first 10k taking first in my age group. spent a weekend in chi town with my dad. saw byu lose to notre dame at notre dame's campus. met manti te'o. dressed up as a troll and danced polka at a german beer house. dressed up  as sam from moonrise kingdom. 


(part of) our family spent thanksgiving in san antonio texass. we spent thanksgiving day at sea world. ate at a brazilian steak house for thanksgiving dinner, eating every meat ever made but turkey. watched a boat parade on the river walk. went to an authentic mexican market. saw skyfall. slightly unconventional but nonetheless wonderful thanksgiving holiday.

december was beyond stressful and wonderful all at once. i finished my courses. graduated. moved to texas. had my husband for christmas. celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. 2012 has been a very special chapter in my life. I am eager to start 2013 with new goals

get a kicking new job
fit into my high school jeans
cook more
run a marathon
do a triathlon
be crafty
be a better writer
read lots
figure out how to use my camera and become a better photographer
learn how use photoshop
make a new blog all by my self that is super cool
be a more helpful wife
go on a vacation just the two of us
go to the temple more
not gain a texan drawl...i picked up a sconnie accent too quickly i am quite nervous about this one.

none in that particular order, but these are my plans for 2013
for auld lang syne!

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  1. Hey I'm in this! Twice! I'm glad I made the cut for January I was nervous. 1st year anniversary tomorrow baby! Happy 4th year! Can't believe it has been that long! Congrats!