Friday, January 18, 2013

when in houston pt.2

We haven't explored much of downtown Houston yet but we did go to the sky lobby of the JP Morgan/Chase building which was pretty dang sweet.

 The building has special elevators that go straight up to the sky lobby. There are only 2 buttons in the set of 6 elevators that fly up 60 like 2 seconds. It was so fast my ears didn't have time to "pressurize".
Up top didn't disappoint. It was a gorgeous view and we literally could see F O R E V E R since Texas is flatter than a pancake (mountains i miss you dearly).  
big ol' housotn

After being up top we went wayyyyy down low. Houston's downtown area has underground tunnels that connect to most of the buildings. That way in the blazing heat of summer people don't die of the sun's heat and laser guns while walking outside to different buildings. Walking through the tunnels was kinda like being in a sad mall...or an airport...kinda a perfect mesh between the two. There were shops and lots of restaurants along the tunnel's path. There were even dentist offices like nice ones that do cosmetic stuff. All underneath the city. I'm convinced dwarfs run the place.
Personage and Birds
Popping back up to the surface we started heading for the car. Before we could leave though Joey wanted to make sure we saw this ginormous sculpture. He asked me if I knew who made the piece...What I major in art history and I am expected to know who makes every single art work on the planet. Assuming it was some super contemporary artist that no one had never heard of I said I had no clue and didn't think much of it. Then I walked to the backside of the sculpture and saw this.

Then I peed my pants. JOAN MIRO in Houston, Texas?? Crazy but I'll take it! I felt slightly ashamed for not knowing this was by Miro but in my defense we never studied his work in Texas. 

Have a great weekend everybody! Joey found a friend that is interested in started a fish aquarium...needless to say he is more excited than a 5 year old on Christmas eve. We are planning to see Zero Dark Thirty this weekend too so I am something to look forward to as well!

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